Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A boat a day: 365 a daily creative journal (no.1)

Ship 1 : Soldered into pine
After discovering: Make Something 365 and get Unstuck's blogspot, I have decided to give the 365 daily creative journal a go with ships (or rather boats). I hope it will be an exciting opportunity to explore different mediums in art and perhaps even writing, and go on some ship related adventures. This should be easy enough to start with as Bristol has a pretty thriving harbourside with plenty of things to see and do, including the new Museum of Bristol and of course the SS Great Britain. Plans are a brewing already :)

My first thought was silhouettes but I think that would get hard after the first fifty days, but ships are another part of my new signature and I do love them so.

The first ship was something I did a few weeks ago, I burnt this fairly simple sketch onto a wooden box, initially to sell, but I think I own this one.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring...

Steampunk Pirates

Taz and Genie at the launch of
Paper Scissors Stone
pop-up shop
This year I have done a lot of handmade markets, pop-up shops and online auctions, more than ever before. Over the months I have learnt a lot about my product, my customer and made small adjustments here and there...Now I have a little time off markets, with just a few pop-up shops and boutiques to worry about, I've got some room to really focus on my image.

So I am re-branding Moon and Magic, it has been a long journey through cartoon's, 50's tea party kitsch to monster's and faeries. I founded this project with my friend and piratical inspiration Genie, with work constraints and her own very busy life she has become less and less involved with Moon and Magic and will be leaving for New Zealand very soon! :( I also worked with my sister Taz who joined Moon and Magic last year and really helped to elevate my design, as well as being an absolute charm on the stall, but she too has moved on.

For Autumn 2012 Moon and Magic will be relaunched as a treasure trove of Piratical Steampunk, with new and improved designs for jewellery and accessories and some new plans for useful stationary and home-wares with a Steampunk twist. I am excited about signs of all things, but I know they are half the battle with craft fairs, I want something chic and shabby, which incorporates my style, design aesthetic and ties everything together neatly. I want my stall to look cohesive but still reflect my odd quirks. I am making myself a few signature images such as silhouette's (which can be personalized) and airships to stamp my work in different mediums.

So I'll probably be back gushing over my new sign with photos...for now take a look at my studio which I have been struggling to organize forever!