Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A Boat a Day (no.358)

Good evening, I'm still working on my Game of Boats prototype, it's coming along very nicely and has had a number of scrutiny tests from my friends, all being gamers, logic thinkers and nit-pickers, I have found their input invaluable. Not to mention Taz who has been sketching random pirates and booty for me with gusto. I think a few more days to complete the cards and it will be ready for beta-testing. for today's boat I created 7 resin cast pieces for the players, I used a cone mould to get the shape of sails and a mast and a brightly coloured fake gem to identify each and be the shape of the deck. They have come out very nice, they are bright and shiny and look like sweeties, so I've been picking them up and playing with them constantly.

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