Thursday, 4 July 2013

A Boat a Day (no.339)

This morning me Tam and Taz headed down to Ujima Radio Bristol to talk with Paulette on her Outlook show about our Easton Arts Trail experience and our various projects. It was a really good chat, with some interesting points which I hadn't necessarily considered, the term 'obsessive' was applied to the 365 idea and we all eagerly agreed. But you can't spend everyday thinking about something without becoming a little obsessed. 'Disciplined' was also said and that was not normally a trait I possess, but I definitely feel like I have that now.
Lots of great points, if you want to check out you can listen to the catch-up on Ujima's website (you can find us at the end of the 12-1pm sesh and the beginning of the 1-2pm sesh.)

Anyway as you can see my boat today is a tiny blue-tac sculpture. Blue-tac is a very forgiving medium, it holds its shape pretty well and likes to stick which is very helpful.

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