Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A Boat a Day (no.359)

There has been lots of progress today, despite a little setback this morning, when I got angry at the cards I had painted for my game. I had used acrylic and it had left an unpleasant tacky texture which when stacked just wanted to be close friends with the card next to it, so much it would pull the paint off. Not to mention the amount of effort to make extra cards. So instead I'm using recycled card, in various shades. To make them a little more interesting, and to underline the Boat aspect I created a lino printing block. This is now being slowly stamped onto the back of each card, I really like the slightly faded, very rustic look. It suit the piractical theme very well. With the stamp on one side and our little sketches on the other this game if finally coming to life. I have till Friday to get it into some sort of working order when my Beta team will be expecting to trial it.

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