Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Boat a Day (no.356)

We used bits of paper to lay out our composition
So yesterday you got a little peek at my current project, which may take atleast a week to complete. Today I finished the game board, I have a few more things to add but this is the board in all its glory. What I haven't mentioned is the concept or any of the other elements.

This game is being designed for 6 Captain's, you each have a ship which you will need to crew and upgrade to sail into open water and locate Treasure Island. There are various points on the map where you can land and "TRADE" or "PLUNDER" for Booty, Crew or Upgrades. The base movement is 2 squares and 1 in the direction of the wind, determined by the Wind Spinner. There are way more rules, but this is the basic, the first person to navigate the map and reach Treasure Island wins. The cards you see in the background are the beginnings of the Booty and Crew cards there are some Doom cards in the making too...
This is it so far, it's been lots of fun and work doing this, I just wish I didn't have to go to work all the time and stop.

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